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should time reverse and teacups come together


I would give anything,

My heart, my soul, my life,

Just to take it all back,

And set things right.

I know where I went wrong.

I know what's wrong with me.

I know what I've become.

strawberrylemonwedge replied to your post:

yay you started death note! yeah i think he’s nuts :P

yeah!! i was kind of unsure at first, it was really weird, but i like it a lot. LIGHT JUST KEEPS GETTING CRAZIER, I SWEAR. and i love L. that is all :P


I really wanted to draw m1211nasu's Martin!Sherlock and Benedict!John <3<3<3

because so cute SO CUTE I LOVE THEM SO MUCH


I love “attention Sherlock” have I ever mentioned that?




Pugs are horrifying.

because falling’s not the problem
when i’m falling i’m at peace

it’s only when i hit the ground
it causes all the grief

"When I was his age, I did strange things too."

L, you look like you’re 12

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