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"S.E.I.Z.E. That’s ‘seize’, or as the Mayans called it ‘seize’."


"I changed my mind, Cas! Put me down!"

Merry Christmas! :) Happy Holidays!




aren’t they adorable?

In case you need any mental images for uni aus lol




It is so desperately unfair to put all these images together. Andrew…oh god…send help…



Elsa’s dress/cape 


Benedict Cumberbatch about Sherlock Season 4 in his Comic Con interview with Josh Horowitz [x]

Josh: There are gonna be a lot of questions about a lot of things, including we know that Sherlock’s coming back, which we’re all so thrilled about. So another series and another Christmas special, yes?

Ben: Yeah, well, first actually. So we’re doing one straight off, on-off Christmas special to begin with and then we do another three at the end of next year. So yeah, we’re really - I’m ridiculously excited about it because - you know, they just- the whole purpose of us doing it again is that we can do it better than we did it last time and the, the pitch for this series is… [smiles] it’s so exciting!

Josh: So do you know, I’m not, I’m obviously not expecting you to tell anything, but do you know, literally, like how they explain the return of Moriarty, etc., like next go around?

Ben: Yeah, I think so. I mean I kind of casually choose to forget in order to sort of rediscover […] It’s very weird. We get the first- our sort of audience hit with it is when Martin and I sit down to read the script, the first draft, and also when we get a pitch and the rough idea of where it’s going to go before we get the script. But, um. I kind of like casually forgetting [….] because there’s a lot of other traffic between then and now, but also because, um, it’s just,  it’s more fun when it’s slightly more fresh. But it’s a very good idea, I do remember. I do.   

Josh: It just came to you, just this moment…

Ben [smiles]: Yes.

Ciel Phantomhive in Episode 3 

100 Book Challenge (2014)

book 32: The Tale of Brin and Bent and Minno Marylebone by Ravi Thornton (art by Andy Hixon)


rocking chairs on our front porch
we could fly away
wouldn't it be wonderful?
you're wonderful (x)


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